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Maybe Later

Chapter II "Vulgo gratissimus auctor", by At Devil Dirt

11 track album
Posted By: Néstor Gato Ayala on 04.10.13 | Source:

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  • Aaron Burrell

    give us a like!

  • Aaron Burrell

    5 minutes of the same riff...

  • Aaron Burrell

    vocals need compressed and brought up.

  • Kneeko Constantino

    Really good - sort of what I'd imagine a Yakuza/Clutch hybrid sounding like. I can't get enough of this!

  • Nick Basztard Loki Morris

    hey thanks for including us on this site. if you want tunes to upload here you can link to our site here where u can stream/download for free :)

  • Bert Bigelow

    Thank you!!